Sync Shopify's Multi Location Fulfillments to multiple ShipStation Stores

Using ShipSync you can automatically push Shopify orders with multiple fulfillment locations to multiple stores & locations in ShipStation
Shopify - ShipStation

What happens when an order is Shipped in ShipStation?

When an order is shipped in ShipStation, ShipSync will look up the equivalent fulfillment in Shopify’s Order and mark it fulfilled, ShipSync will also update the fulfillment in Shopify with tracking info from ShipStation and send an email to the customer

How does ShipSync work with split shipments in ShipStation?

Best explained with an example:

If there is an Order in Shopify with two products  a T-Shirt and a Jeans
then ShipSync will create an order in ShipStation with two products,

However, if you split the Shipment in ShipStation and only ship the T-Shirt first then ShipSync will create a new pending fulfillment in Shopify only with “Jeans” which was not shipped, and will remove the “Jeans” from the original fulfillment and mark it Shipped.

Essentially you will see “T-Shirt” as fulfilled in Shopify and “Jeans” as fulfillment pending.

What fields from Shopify are pushed into ShipStation?

Following fields from Shopify are automatically synced into ShipStation:

  • Order Number
  • Order Created Date
  • Order Status translated into the following ShipStation status:
    • Canceled,
    • Pending
    • Awaiting Payment
  • Order Notes
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Service selected at the checkout (either shipping code or shipping title)
  • Line Item fields:
    • SKU
    • UPC
    • Product Name
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Weight
    • Image Url
    • Product Variant Options

Additional fields that can be configured:

  • Order Tags
    • Can be configured to sync into Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, or Custom Field 3 in ShipStation.
  • Customer Tags
    • Can be configured to sync into Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, or Custom Field 3 in ShipStation
  • Product Vendor
    • Syncs into Warehouse location field in ShipSttation

Can I use the ShipStation's own app along side ShipSync?

You cannot use ShipStation’s own integration as that will conflict with ShipSync app, please disable ShipStation’s integration

What happens when if I change fulfillment location in Shopify or put a fulfillment on hold?

Changing Fulfillment Location
ShipSync supports changing the location of fulfillment in Shopify but does not support moving the fulfillment back to the original location, for example, if fulfillment is moved from Location A to Location B then ShipSync will move the relevant order in ShipStation to a new store, however the same fulfillment cannot be then moved to Location A.

Fulfillment Hold
Currently ShipSync app does not support Hold feature